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Claire Kane
Millie's Mum and Staff Member

Absolutely love this nursery! Love working here and my daughter loves coming here :) Staff always go the extra mile and are brilliant at what they do!

Carol McGrattan
Caiden's Mum

I love this nursery and so do my kids, the staff are amazing very friendly and my kids won't leave without cuddles. They help where ever they can and always have time for the kids no matter what and they never have a dull day, always doing something and educational wise they excel themselves. I started my kids from 5 months and it's been the best choice I have ever made with one now ready to leave for school with the education she needs to help her on her way . They have an excellent play area for the kids of all ages and have plenty in the outside play areas to keep the kids amused, and they have came out top on their assessments. Best nursery love it and they also have a parents council to which they are always looking for new members and welcome new ideas.

Leigh Hay
Ellie & Jackson's Mum

I can't even put into words how amazing this nursery is! After giving birth to premature twins, their care was of the up most importance to me, I was so worried about nursery and now I can honestly say it's the only place I feel 100% comfortable leaving them! The staff are second to none!

Claire Rucchio
Skye's Mum

Fantastic nursery, amazing staff, my little girls loves it & practically runs away from her dad when he drops her off, highly recommended